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Metro Post – 20-26 February 2005
Page 11

Entheos Information Technology Inc., the first and only medical transcription company in the Province, is starting operations on March 1st with 25 trained medical transcriptionists.

Managed by experienced executives and well-trained production head and trainer, the Entheos IT medical transcription training six month program was composed of different modules on encoding, transcribing skills, English grammar proficiency, and medical science.

The new employees have also been trained for the special programmable equipment.

Entheos IT expects to fully complement the 68 seats to be done in two shifts by end of the year. The number translates to more than a hundred employment opportunities for graduates of medical courses like nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, medical technology, medicine, biology, and other allied medical courses.

Medical transcription, an innovation in the IT business along with call centers and legal transcription, started as a clerical assistance to the US healthcare documentation industry.

When the US government reinforced the existing Health Insurance Portability & Accountability act, the industry saw the need to professionalize the job of medical transcription.

Realizing the shortage of the American workforce, they began to outsource the “job overflows” to other countries like the Philippines whose English proficiency is “distinctly high”.

In the Phlippines, the business of medical transcription is more that a decade old, with more than 30 MT companies to date. Most are located in Manila, Cebu, Davao and the Bicol region. Oriental Negros, particularly Dumaguete, has been noted for its pool of human resources as evidenced by the hig passing rate of applicants of 50 percent, compared to Cebu’s two percent, mainly because of poor English language skills.

The Entheos IT Inc. medical transcription facility will have its blessing and inauguration ceremonies on Monday, February 28 at 3:30 pm fronting the LG Sinco IT building in Foundation University.

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