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MetroPost January 30 to February 05, 2005

SIBULAN, Negros Oriental - Sibulan Mayor Antonio Renacia has pledged to continue addressing the needs of the poor with the goal of “propping up the poor to a higher level-to the middle class level.”

In his state of the Municipality Address (SUMA) delivered Wednesday before the members of the Sangguniang Bayan at the SP session hall here, the mayor said that his administration would seek to maximize production and ensure food security by providing technical assistance to the farmers and fisherfolks and encourage them to use modern techniques and equipments.

He also encouraged Sibulanon agricultural stewards to farm even the hilly terrains using contours farming as flat agricultural lands are slowly converted to residential, commercial or institutional use.

“Cooperative farming shall also be encouraged in order to address the problems on lack of lands and of capital” said the mayor, as he committed that the GPAK program of Governor George Arnaiz for schools shall also be adopted in the barangays where folks are encouraged to plant vegetables as well as raise tilapia in their backyards.

But he warned that he is not in favor of providing subsidies as he wants farmers and fisherfolks to develop self reliance.

The mayor also committed the creation of more livelihood opportunities in order to increase the income of the people specially the women sector and the out of school youth.

To augment the continuing health and nutrition program, Mayor Renacia emphasized the campaign of massive enlistment of the barangays to the PhilHealth program and accessibility of basic health services.

To complement the basic programs, the mayor also said that through his leadership, the town shall open more farm to market roads and improve existing ones.

He also said that for this year, the town government will also construct a bridge connecting barangay Camanjac in Dumaguete to barangay Calbanugan in Sibulan, as well as an overflow connecting barangays Magatas and Calabnugan.

A construction of the diversion road from Bunao to Booc-boloc to Tubtubon and will connect to Diputado Street in the Poblacion is also in the offing to ease traffic congestion in the national highway from this town to Dumaguete City (Edmund Sestoso)

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