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Metro Post
Economic 101
By: Atty. Francisco D. Yap
July 24-30, 2005
Page 05

We are blessed with a beautiful country, with a happy and genial people. But we have the misfortune of not having an honest President.

What have we done in the past to deserve leaders so corrupt, that most of the Filipino people now believe that any change in the Presidency will be the same: that the next President will be equally, if not more, corrupt than the present?

Our incumbent President admitted that the voice in the wire-tapped conversation with Commissioner Jose Garcillano, whom she appointed Comelec Commissioner, is hers, has asked for our forgiveness, and has told the Filipino people she is sorry for her lapses in judgment.

Is deliberate cheating and the commission of election fraud mere lapses of judgment that the President expects to be simply forgiven? She refuses to resign in spite of the clamor for her to step down from the Presidency.

Well, I agree with her: she cannot resign from an office that she had not been elected to legally.

With the admission that she cheated in the last elections, she is considered not having been legally elected to office, and that she reached that position through election fraud. Hence, she cannot resign from an office which she is illegally occupying.

When the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines declared they were n ot demanding for the President's resignation because the Church wanted to be neutral, they were not actually being neutral.

When one is neutral, you are actually in favor of the status quo, and in this case, the status quo is the rampant corruption, bankrupt economy, and an incumbent fake President.

If you disagree with me on this one, I beg you to please listen first to the wire tapped recordings of our President. I myself have listened to the tape several times, and the more I am convinced the "President" of the country is morally bankrupt.

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Metro Post
July 31-August 06, 2005
Page 04

Unknown to may people, 20 percent of Dumaguetenos -- that's more than 20,000 adults--have been using contraceptives from the United States Agency for Ihternational Development for the last 30 years.

These same contraceptives are believed to be the reason why the population growth of Dumaguete has remained within the 2.5 percent annual growth rate.

With the termination of USAID assistance in contraception and family planning methods. City Health consultant Dr. Erlinda Cabrera has sounded the alarm that without such contraceptives, Dumaguete will have more than 200,000 people in 10 or 20 years!

If our City leadership doesn't find that alarming, it might be because they already have a plan to widen and cement all the roads, open new ones, install a working drainage system, ensure therre are enough jobs, power, and water to sustain ourselves in the next four decades.

Or so they think.

Let's not kid ourselves here. NO such plan would be able to effectively meet the demands of a doubled population in just three political terms.

And we're not even talking yet of the attendant garbage problem, pollution, the dwindling fish supply, the very carrying capacity of our tiny city that obviously, will not be able to contain the world's population.

Unless something is done now about our rising population, Dumaguete will only see more poverty, more traffice woes, more congestion, more petty crimes, and who knows what.

If we want to get rid of the street children in our midst, if we want to improve the lives of every Dumagueteno, we have to have a bold, effective, and enforceable policy on population.

To bring down fertility rates by half a point, unremitting commitment over a period of at least 20 years is necessary. Twenty years -- that's about seven political terms.

It brings to mind a newly-elected Dumaguete councilor who was interviewed on TV about his vision for Dumaguete in the next five years. His response ws most curious: "How should I know? My term is only good for three years!"

We can only agree with a poster in the office of mayor Perdices: A politician thinks of the next election. A statesman thinks of the welfare of the next generation."

We look forward to such a decision that would greatly benefit the next generation.



Metro Post
July 31-August 06, 2005
Page 03

Negros Oriental Rep. Herminio Teves wants the Department of Education to promptly address the uneven countrywide deployment of public shcool teachers, saying the problem has left many children behind in terms of access to basic education.

"There is a glaring disparity in the distribution of teachers,; to the detriment of school children in a number of regins, 'Teves lamented.

"For instance, the Cordillera and Ilocos region have an exceptionallly high teacher-pupil ratio of 1:29. In Metro Manila and (the autonomous region of) Muslim Mindanao, the ratio is respectively," Teves said.



Metro Post
July 31-August 06, 2005
Page 09

A Foreign film director who recently visited Dumaguete City has expressed concern over the rising piracy of produced films in the Philippines despite campaigns done by the national government.

Film director Robert Malengreau said that he was disappointed by the fact that piracy keeps rising in the country which is stealing the talents and hard earned income of the movie industry in the Philippines.

He lauded efforts at some directors who, despite the problem, continue to produce what he called as quality films as compared tot he influx of commercialized films

He said that films should preserve and depict cultures of the people in the country and not the other way around.

He said that films should preserve and depict cultures of the people in the country and not the other way around.

He said that he himself is a witness to a cultural debasement of Filipinos when he expected to see quality Filipino films only to be met with what he called as "American nonsense and stupid films" like Batman.

On the other hand, Ron Heri Tan, founding chairman of the Cebu Film Society (Foundation), Incorporated pointed out that it is lamentable that Filipinos have given more weight on what he called as nonsense films.

He said he also suspects that some of those pirating movies are some personalities within the rank and file in the movie industry who he admitted had received less compensation compared to actors and actresses who are paid hefty sums in every movie project that they had done. (ES)



Metro Post
July 24-August 30, 2005
Page 02

President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's State of the Nation Address (SONA) will be greeted with rallies and demonstrations in Negros Oriental on Monday.

Ronald Ian Eidente, Negros vice chairperson of the militant Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN), said the rally will be joined by about 2000 members of peoples organizations, as well as lawyers belonging to the Integrated Bar of the Philippines, the protestant United Church of Christ in the Philippines, some representatives of the Roman Catholic Church.

The Negros Oriental rallies and mass actions will be held in the major actions will be held in the major streets of the city, particularly at the downtown Perdices Street, the Quezon Park and at the Freedom Park.

Evidente said the rallyists will be coming from Bais City. Guihulngan, Sta. Catalina, Pamplona in Dumaguete City.

Among the politician supporting the anti-Arroyo rally are Rep. Jacinto Paras ofthe United Negros Opposition and Tony Remollo, the provincial chairperson of the newly formed Negros Oriental Movement for the Removal of Gloria (NO MORE GLORIA). Engr. Trelly Marigza, provincial chairperson of the militant Gabriela women's group warned the members of the military and the Philippine National Police not to bar the expected truckloads of peasants, farmworkers and other sectors from other towns and cities in joining the rallies on Monday.

She hopes that the law enforcers will respect the people's democratic and constitutional right to join rallies and to express their sentiments. (Edmund Sestoso)



South Magbanua Honored on 42nd Anniversary of Heroism
Metro Post
July 31-August 06, 2005
Page 01

Who is Scout Jojo Magbanua? "He's the founder of Scouting!", came the innocent reply.

The absence of a stature honoring Lord Robert Baden Powell at the Boy Scouts of the Philippines building in Dumaguete City may have mixed up some facts in the mind of 12-year-old Scout Ronel Alim of the Herminigilda F. Gloria Memorial School.

Moments earlier that Thursday afernoon, he and some 500 other Boy and Girl Scouts did their yeraly ritual of offering flowers at the bronze statue of Scout Jose Fermin "Jojo" Magbanua at the Boy Scouts building.

It had been 42 years since that fateful day when Scout Jojo Magbanua and 23 other Scouts and Scout leaders from the Philippines perished in a plane crash in the Aegean Sea on their way to Marathon, Greece, to attend the 11th World Jamboree.

All 63 passengers of the United Arab Airlines flight died in the crash on July 28, 1963. Jojo was only 14 years old. He represented Troop 37 of the Silliman University High School and the Negros Oriental-Siwquijor Boy Scouts Council in the jamboree. He was the only Visayan delegate.

The other Philippines delegates who died in the plane crash were Dr. Bonifacio Lazcano, scout master and physicia; Florante Ojeda, president of teh Agusan Scout council; Rev. Fr. Jose Martinez, S.J., assistant scout master and chaplain of the Misamis Oriental council; Filamar Reys, assistant scout master and member of the Pasay City council;

Scouts Roberto Castor and Romero Rallos of the Quezon City council; Scouts Victor de Guia of Baguio City, Antonio Limbaga of Zamboanga City, Roberto Lozano of Dagupan City, Paulo Madrinan of Pasay City and Antonio Torillo of the Cavite City council;

Scouts Ascario Tuazon Jr. and Rogelio Ybardolaza of the Manila council and Scout Benecio Tobias of the Tarlac Council.

For the Negros Oriental Siquijor Boy Scouts council, keeping Jojo's memory in the minds of scouters was one way of keeping the scouting spirit alive. "Jojo is a beacon of light in the darkness of teh night and that is why we continue to honor him through this memorial day every year," explained lawyer Arturo Umbac, council chairman.

Umbac said that Jojo Magbanua and all Scouts live by honor. "Many people are called honorable these days but they do not deserve it," Umbac, himself an "honorable" by virtue of his being a member of the Provincial Board of Newgros Oriental.

Negros Oriental State Unversity President Dr. Henry Sojor gave the keynote speech by challenging Scouts to keep the fire-Friendship, Inspiration, Respect and Excellence-- of couting burning. He said the death of Jojo and teh 23 other Scouts and Scouters had fiven life to the Scouting movement in the Philippines and it also had a telling impact on the world.

The Magbanua family had established the Scout Jojo Magbanua memorabilia at the Negros Oriental-Siquijor Boy Scouts Headquarters in Dumaguete City. The memorabilia contains photographs, news clippings, a baseball glove and even aceramic wall decoration with the Scout's Oath, which fell from Jojo's room and cracked on the week he died.

The Magbanua family has also continued the Scout Jose Fermin Magbanua scholoraship for outstanding Boy Scouts at Silliman Unversity, benefiting Boy and Girl Scouts, which has since been expanded to public schools in the Negros Oriental boy Scouts and Girl Scouts Council.

Dr. Johnny Magbanua, Jojo's immediate elder brotehr, said "The thing that gladdens our heart as a family is not that you made him a hero. Rather, we are happy that there are people who have remembered and continue to stand firm in the ideas that Jojo believed in. If only for that, Jojo did not die in vain."



Metro Post
July 31-August 06, 2005
Page 01

Dumaguete City will have to prepare to serve 200,000 residents in 20 years - double today's population - if it doesn't allocate at least P1 million for contraception today.

City Health Consultant Dr. Erlinda Cabrera said that unbless the city allocates enough funds for family planning, the city's population will increase by 50 percent in less thatn 10 years.

Dumaguete's population stands at 105,000 and is within annyal population growth of 2.5 percent. Cabrera said this growth rate is pegged at a low level because of the ongoing birth control measures.

But as soon as the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) stops its family planning aid by 2009, there will be no clear source of funds for contraception.

Once the USAID assistance stops, the city's population could reach up to 200,000 to include immigrants, in 10 to 20 year's time, Cabrera warned.

Dr.Cabrera said poor couples want to adopt modern family planning methods. Records of the Family Planning section of the City Health Office show that about 20 percent ofthe total population in the city benefited from the USAID help for the last 30 years.

On the other hand, City Administrator Engr. Dominador Dumalag, Jr. said the city government is not in favor of allocating funds for contraception.

Dumalag, officer-in-charge of the city's population office, clarified that the city government supports only an educational campaign on family planning and has allotted money for that purpose.

He explained that there is a need for a better educational campaign since Dumaguetenos are not familiar with contraception methods whether natural or modern.

"Maulaw pa man gani kanang uban nga mopalit og condom sa tindaha," said Dumalag. (Edmund Sestoso)

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